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Meet Joe Mayer

5th generation cow calf operator talks about animal diet and handling.

Meet Irsik & Doll

Custom cattle feeders discuss the importance of animal nutrition.

Rancher Recipes

Find out our ranchers’ favorite cuts. Get recipes and shopping lists.

Meet Buffalo Feeders

Feedlot owners work to ensure cattle are healthy and strong.

Meet Roger Giles

See how our ranchers keep cattle roaming for generations to come.

Stocker Feeder

Find out how our stockers safely transition their cattle to a balanced diet.

Quality Beef

Find out how we deliver safe, high quality beef to your family.

Perfect Roast Beef Sandwich

Create a delicious homemade sandwich with your leftover roast!

Asian Wrapped Asparagus

A delicious appetizer for two people, or add to rice for a dinner for four.