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Sirloin Sliders

Need an easy-to-make entrée for your party? These Sirloin Sliders will please the crowd!

Beer & Onion Brisket

Easy does it with this flavorful-yet-foolproof dish! Cook one up for your next gathering with friends and family.

Make-Ahead Mini Meatballs

Oh what fun! These Make-Ahead Mini Meatballs are a guaranteed hit for entertaining.

Make Your Own Seasonings

We’re making seasonings with two delicious rub recipes. Try one on your next beef dish!

Parmesan-Crusted Strip Roast

Be the host with the roast at your next dinner party with this savory recipe.

Buffalo-Style Beef Bites

Serve up these Buffalo-Style Beef Bites at your next get together. It's a plate that’s made to party!

Dinner Party Tenderloin

One whole beef tenderloin serves them all! Explore tips and tricks for entertaining at your next party.

Be Your Own Butcher

Learn how to cut a strip loin into steaks and roasts for your next party!

One-Pan Beef Tri-Tip

It’s a kitchen miracle! Serve up an entire meal with this delicious (and practically dishless) one-pan recipe.